Cabinet Holds ‘Nunavut on the Hill’ Meeting Series

Mr. Speaker, I am pleased to report that Cabinet met with our federal counterparts in Ottawa on May 1st and 2nd for a set of meetings we called Nunavut on the Hill. Our ministers promoted the priorities of Katujjiluta in meetings with over 15 federal departments, including Health, Justice, Housing, Infrastructure, and National Defence.

Mr. Speaker, on May 2nd I met with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and we discussed our efforts to build more housing, bolster healthcare, engage on Arctic Sovereignty and Security, and transfer authority over Nunavut’s lands and waters through devolution. The Prime Minister also acknowledged the efforts of our Cabinet to increase partnerships with Canada through our Nunavut on the Hill event.

In our meetings, the Prime Minister and his Cabinet acknowledged the unique realities of our communities, where a lack of immediate investment means Nunavummiut face daily challenges with adequate housing, health and wellness, access to education, limited local economies, and poor supports for the aging.

Mr. Speaker, on the last point, I was fortunate to meet with Minister of Intergovernmental Affairs Dominic Leblanc, who is keen to work with us to bring our Elders home to Nunavut.

Mr. Speaker, we want Canada to know we are investing our own equity in solutions for Nunavut. We are confident that our current budget will make an impact in these mandate areas – especially for housing builds this summer. But we will need future investments from Canada and want to ensure space is made for Nunavut in the recent federal budget. My fellow Northern Premiers and I have been clear that territories need specific carve-outs for the North.

With that, I’m pleased to say, Mr. Speaker, that similar meetings occurred between Canada and the Governments of Yukon and the Northwest Territories. I’m encouraged to know the North is being heard in Ottawa. We hope this event will spark conversations at a federal level about development in the Arctic.

Thank you Mr. Speaker.