Premier Visits Sanirajak and Kugluktuk

Mr. Speaker, in April I had the privilege of accepting invitations from two members to visit their communities. I am so grateful to members Amittuq MLA Joelie Kaernerk and Kugluktuk MLA Bobby Anavilok for sharing their home communities with me.

Mr. Speaker, I believe there are few things more important for a politician to do than to meet with and listen to their electorate. There is no replacement for in-person connections.

In both Sanirajak and Kugluktuk, I met with the housing associations, district education authorities and the hamlet councils. I visited students in their schools, where I was impressed by their food programs and school spirit. I met over lunch with community leaders chosen by their MLAs. I spoke with everyone from search-and-rescue volunteers to Inuit organization representatives, health centre staff, and Elders such as Alice Hitkoak Ayalik and Nagleena Inuksuk.

Mr. Speaker, in Sanirajak, I visited the North Warning System and met Joan Innuksuk, who is an administrator and one of nine Inuit employed by Nasittuq Corporation at the radar camp.

In Kugluktuk, I crowned Nattiq Frolics Queens Genevieve and Macila Nivingalok, and I learned how to wave the starting flag for the Frolic races.

In my role as Minister of the Qulliq Energy Corporation, I was proud to visit Kugluktuk’s power plant and see how dedicated site staff Sheldon Klengenberg and Bill McWilliam are to running the aging infrastructure that we are working to replace.

Mr. Speaker, as I visit communities throughout the territory, many residents have told me they feel forgotten or far away from government. Because of this, I want Nunavummiut to know we are working to keep our territory connected despite the distance and resource challenges we face. This is why I have committed to reviewing decentralization.

Mr. Speaker, I continue to be inspired by the efforts community members make to advocate to myself and government for better services. On every trip, I meet people who are proud of their homes and who want to create the transformational change that Katujjiluta is founded on.

Thank you Mr. Speaker.