Arctic Security and Sovereignty Summit 2022

Mr. Speaker, I rise today to speak about my participation in the Arctic Security and Sovereignty Summit held in Iqaluit on October 3, 2022. 

Mr. Speaker, Nunavut senator Dennis Patterson hosted this one-day event in partnership with local and regional organizations including Nunavut’s Inuit Development Corporations Association and Nunasi Corporation. 

Mr. Speaker, at this event we spoke about Arctic sovereignty and how to strengthen and support healthy and resilient communities throughout the North. 

Mr. Speaker, this event provided an opportunity to discuss the announcement of $4.9 billion in funding for modernizing the North American Aerospace Defense Command. The Defense Command is a Canada-USA venture which provides aerospace monitoring and protection for both countries. This investment will be used to enhance surveillance in the North. 

Mr. Speaker, I was honoured to speak to delegates about the importance of strengthening sovereignty and security in the Canadian Arctic.

I stressed the importance to include and partner with Inuit and Northerners when making decisions that impact our region. I also noted that the best way to strengthen sovereignty is to invest in the people and communities in the Arctic.  

Mr. Speaker, I look forward to continued dialogue on Arctic sovereignty and security, including working to address Nunavut’s infrastructure, transportation, and telecommunications gaps. 

Thank you, Mr. Speaker.