2022 Council of the Federation Literacy Award Winner

Mr. Speaker, I rise today to speak about the Council of the Federation Literacy Award.

Mr. Speaker, this award celebrates the valuable contributions made by Canadians in the field of literacy. In Nunavut, this award recognizes individuals who support and inspire others to use Inuktut and develop literacy skills through oral, written, or artistic expression.

On September 8, I was honoured to announce the Council of the Federation Literacy Award went to Jeela Palluq-Cloutier.

This award recognizes Jeela’s tireless work towards revitalizing and strengthening Inuktut languages for many years. Recently she has translated of 11,000 words to enable Facebook to be able to accessible in Inuktitut. She has also worked on validating Inuktut language models which allow Inuktitut and Inuinnaqtun to be used in the Microsoft Translator.

I want to congratulate Jeela and thank her for her dedication to strengthening our Inuktut languages.

Thank you, Mr. Speaker.