Katujjiluta Mandate Development

Mr. Speaker, I rise today to table the sixth assembly’s mandate titled Katujjiluta. As mentioned in the Commissioner’s address the process that led to the development of this mandate was historic.

For the first time in our territory, the Government of Nunavut’s mandate was developed through a dialogue between all Members of the Legislative Assembly, the leadership of Nunavut Tunngavik Inc. and Nunavut’s three Regional Inuit Organizations.

Mr. Speaker, I want to thank all my colleagues, especially the regular MLAs for accepting my invitation to help develop this mandate – I know the final draft is stronger because of every one of their contributions.

Mr. Speaker, I am proud of this mandate, not only because of its ambitious scope, but also because it serves as a testament to our commitment to work collaboratively and cooperatively towards a better territory.

Every MLA sitting around this room helped shape this mandate. As members of this assembly, we sit in a circle – the room is designed to echo the structure of our consensus governance model. In this assembly, we are all part of a single whole and every one of our voices matters.

Mr. Speaker, this mandate is a continuation of that trajectory. Katujjiluta is a testament to our government’s commitment to a renewed relationship based on mutual respect. This mandate provides a roadmap for joint action to achieve real change.

This collaborative mandate development process showed us that our goals are aligned. Every one of us agreed on the key priorities for our territory.

Mr. Speaker, I look forward to working with all my colleagues and Nunavut’s Inuit Organizations to achieve the goals identified in the Katujjiluta mandate. I am confident that working together, as a united voice, will result in a stronger Nunavut.

Thank you, Mr. Speaker.