Nunavut at 25

Mr. Speaker,

In a few short weeks, the Government of Nunavut will mark a significant milestone – 25 years.

I am proud of our territory. Each year, since the formation of our public government, we have grown stronger. If we think of our government as an iglu, we have been assembling the snow blocks prepared by previous generations, laying the foundation, and building up.

Our territory is run by a consensus government guided by Inuit Qaujimajatuqangit. The choice to govern our territory in this form was ours. It is our way of honouring the knowledge of our Elders through the values they instilled in us. Our political structure is led by the societal value of Aajiiqatigiinniq, decision making through discussion and consensus.

Our communities are growing and increasingly prospering as we work toward diversifying local economies. Our young people are achieving their goals as they pursue careers in trades and professions such as medicine and law. They are our future.

The culminating accomplishment on our 25th anniversary is, of course, the signing of the Nunavut Lands and Resources Devolution Agreement, and the launch on February 14 of Inunnguqsaivik: Learning for a purpose. Developed by the GN, NTI, and the Government of Canada, this new learning support initiative will help ensure Nunavut Inuit have the skills and knowledge to manage stewardship of Nunavut’s lands, waters, and resources — when these roles and responsibilities are transferred from the federal government to the GN.

As we grow as a territory and as a government, we need more young Nunavummiut to join public service. The government of Nunavut is always hiring. Visit the GN website to find the job that is right for you. Public service is a worthy path forward. Help us continue to build Nunavut, block by block, so that in 25 years we will have even more to celebrate.

Finally, I am looking forward to 25th anniversary celebrations across our territory. I invite all Nunavummiut to join in marking this important milestone, but also to help build our future.

Thank you, Mr. Speaker.