Northern Premiers’ Forum and Western Premiers’ Conference 2023

Mr. Speaker, I am pleased to provide my colleagues with updates regarding Nunavut’s participation in the Northern Premiers’ Forum and Western Premiers’ Conference earlier this year.

Mr. Speaker, the Government of the Northwest Territories hosted a meeting of the three Northern premiers in Inuvik in May.

Nunavut, the Northwest Territories, and the Yukon share many challenges and opportunities unique to the North, and it has been an honour to work with and learn from Premier Cochrane and Premier Pillai through the Forum this year.

Together, we made progress on issues of importance to Northerners, including Arctic security and sovereignty, strategic infrastructure corridors, labour markets and mobility.

Mr. Speaker, I joined other western premiers for the Western Premiers’ Conference in Whistler, British Columbia, in June. Western premiers represent a wide population facing an equally broad range of issues and concerns. Our meeting discussions focused on strategic infrastructure corridors, and mental health and addictions supports.

All western premiers agreed to direct our officials to work together to develop an economic corridors plan, as well as share information and best practices around mental health and addictions treatment and policy.

Mr. Speaker, these intergovernmental forums are vital for building relationships with other provincial and territorial jurisdictions. We are stronger together, and I look forward to continuing to work with my fellow premiers as we advocate for the interests of western and Northern Canadians on the national stage.

Thank you, Mr. Speaker.