Bilateral Meeting with Premier of Ontario

Mr. Speaker, I rise today to share that on February 7th, I met with Ontario Premier Doug Ford for a bilateral meeting in Ottawa.

Nunavut is reliant on our southern neighbours for goods and services. This is especially true for specialized healthcare we cannot provide in our territory.

Mr. Speaker, I wish to thank my friend Premier Ford for vocalizing his support for Canada’s Territories at a national level, as together the provinces and territories negotiate healthcare funding with the federal government.

Premier Ford has never been to Nunavut. I have invited him to visit Iqaluit at his convenience.

Mr. Speaker, through partnership with Premier Ford, our government plans to expand our relationship with the Province of Ontario.

Together we can collaborate on economic opportunities in business and industry, as well as health and social wellness opportunities for Nunavummiut.

Thank you, Mr. Speaker.