Arctic Circle Greenland Forum 2022

Mr. Speaker, I rise today to inform my colleagues about the Arctic Circle Forum, which I was honoured attended in person in Nuuk, Greenland.

Mr. Speaker, Yukon Premier Sandy Silver, Northwest Territories Premier Caroline Cochrane and I were given the opportunity to speak on strengthening security and sovereignty in Canada’s North.  

During the conference we raised awareness of the need for investments in critical infrastructure to ensure sustainable energy sources, reliable transportation and telecommunications can serve a dual purpose of fulfilling defence and community needs.

Mr. Speaker, we were able to profile our territories’ vision for a secure Arctic and our ambition for community investments that promote better health care, adequate housing and education, and economic opportunities.

We also discussed how critical minerals from northern Canada and the Arctic will play an important role in building a more sustainable future. The world is looking north for the resources that will reduce global reliance on supply chains that do not support the high environmental and social standards countries and consumer’s demand.

Mr. Speaker, I look forward to continuing to work with Canada’s northern premiers and international partners and allies to create a healthy, sustainable, and prosperous global North.

Thank you, Mr. Speaker.