Meeting with Prime Minister Trudeau on Katujjiluta Mandate

Mr. Speaker, I rise today to speak about my recent meeting with Prime Minister Trudeau about the Katujjiluta mandate.

On May 12, I met with the Prime Minister for the third time since becoming Premier. This meeting was focused on joint priorities outlined in our mandate.

Mr. Speaker, in our meeting we emphasized the importance of collaboration between the Government of Nunavut, Nunavut Tunngavik Incorporated, and other Inuit organizations on issues such as housing in the North. The Prime Minister and I agreed on the urgency of closing the housing gap in Nunavut and its connection to other priorities such as public health and Elder care.

Arctic security and sovereignty were also discussed and the need for related infrastructure needs across the territory. I emphasized the significance of collaborating with the people of the North on future investments in our region to ensure results that will improve the lives of Nunavummiut.

Mr. Speaker, the Prime Minister and I also discussed devolution in Nunavut and the need to work closely together as we enter the final stages of negotiations. We agreed on the critical importance of devolution for the territory and expressed optimism that an agreement can be reached.

Finally, we reaffirmed our commitment to continue to work together to address other shared priorities, such as climate change and fostering economic diversification and growth in Nunavut.

I look forward to continued collaboration with the Prime Minister and his Cabinet.

Thank you, Mr. Speaker.