Dear Ms. May

Ms. Elizabeth May, O.C., M.P
Leader of the Green Party of Canada
PO Box 997, Station B
Ottawa, ON   K1P 5R1

September 13, 2019

Dear Ms. May

Now that the 2019 Canadian election has been called, I’d like to formally ask how you foresee relations with the Government of Nunavut, should your party form the next government.

As you are aware, Nunavut faces many complex issues that leave us disadvantaged and lagging compared to the rest of the country. It’s 2019 and our country – the greatest country in the world – is still not embracing an equal standard for every Canadian.

Our land, our culture, our traditions, and our language are all in flux. Nunavut is a place is of great potential and opportunity – certainly untapped, frequently misunderstood and often misrepresented.

However, Nunavummiut are struggling. Struggling with the cost of healthy food, access to adequate healthcare and with the most basic services and infrastructure most Canadians take for granted every single day. Things like housing, access to mental health and addictions treatment, caring for our Elders in-territory, education and training, power transmission and transportation corridors.

As such, Nunavut is focused on investment and engagement on specific priorities to bring us in line with an acceptable, national standard. These include:

  • infrastructure and investment
  • housing
  • mental health and addictions treatment
  • economic development and community success
  • strengthening the Arctic and nation-building
  • transportation, energy and fibre corridors
  • education, Inuktut language and skills training

I look to you, as leader of your party, for an informed and specific plan on how you will help Nunavut in these critical areas. As you are aware, Nunavut celebrates its 20th anniversary this year, and we have just signed an Agreement-in-Principle on devolution.  After 20 years of growth, of lessons learned, of creating our own path, now is the time to commit to investment, infrastructure and dedicated, long-term funding to realize our potential.

Is the Green party devoted to a true North, strong and free? Is your party ready to commit the resources, funds, time, energy and patience to make itself an Arctic nation, in every sense of the word? I sincerely hope so.

It’s clear that a strong Canada needs a strong Arctic, and that means a thriving, self-reliant Nunavut. I look forward to your response,



Honourable Joe Savikataaq

Premier of Nunavut

cc:       Executive Council

            Douglas Roy, Nunavut Green party candidate