New Greenland-Nunavut Agreement signed

New Greenland-Nunavut Agreement signed

Prime Minister Múte B. Egede and Premier P. J. Akeeagok signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the government of Greenland and government of Nunavut in Nuuk today.

Nunavut and Greenland have a long history and a common Inuit Heritage, dating back thousands of years. This shared historical, cultural, social, and geographic relationship sets the foundation for joint work and cooperation between the two jurisdictions.

The first MOU between Greenland and Nunavut was signed in 2000. While the general goals and objectives set out in an original MOU will still apply, todays agreement will further strengthen our relationship and facilitate future cooperation between our two jurisdictions.

With this MOU, the Governments of Greenland and Nunavut recognize the interest and aspiration to bolster cooperation in a number of key areas including culture and arts; education, travel and tourism, marine infrastructure, fisheries, and green energy.


“This Memorandum of Understanding is a continuation of our historic relationship with our neighbours in Greenland. Our two jurisdictions have been linked for generations because of our geographic, linguistic and cultural ties. Todays agreement will build on our past and ensure that Greenland and Nunavut continue to work together to better serve our people and our shared interests in advancing Inuit culture, arts, knowledge and innovation.”
– Premier of Nunavut, P. J. Akeeagok

“I am happy to sign this Memorandum of Understanding, which will strengthen the ties between Nunavut and Greenland. Naalakkersuisut wants to develop a broad based cooperation between Nunavut and Greenland, this is only natural us being so close geographically and in terms of culture and language. Greenland and Nunavut should work together to develop our jurisdictions, with an Arctic human dimension. Our Inuit voice, our traditions and our modern Arctic technical knowledge should be shared among us, ensuring our right to development.”
– Prime Minister of Greenland, Múte B. Egede